I am sorry the site has been down for a long time, and it will be for some time still as typically time is much faster than I am... but I understand if you start to wonder if Astrocalc has reached the end? The answer is NO. So I will just shortly give some major news regarding Astrocalc's future and then go back coding on the next version.

Astrocalc has since the beginning, before my time, been promoted with the slogan "Astrology for Everyone", and it has always sounded a bit odd to me, in the sense what it means to me as what I provide to you? But legacy is legacy, and when you take over a project you usually just accept these things as they are. However, to make a long story short, to bring Astrocalc forward I have decided to cut lose from a lot of the legacy but keep and stick to those 3 words in their true sense. Thus, next version of Astrocalc will be released as free non-commercial software, really available to everyone. If you like it, you will be able to support it in what ever way that suites you. However, I need a little bit more time to get things ready, but almost there. If you have an old version of Astrocalc, the transition will be smooth and you will get access to the full version no matter what you have at the moment. Meanwhile, thank you for your support and understanding.

Best Regards,

Joakim Schramm
Astrocalc Software

Last updated: 25 September 2019